Episode #5 – Money. Including a recent business screw up story

Let’s talk about money. Included a business screw up.

2 thoughts on “Episode #5 – Money. Including a recent business screw up story

  1. So I found this video because I recently sent you my information as an applicant, and I have continued to dig a bit on you and your company (because it is in my nature to research and dig). I only want to talk to you more after watching this – not so much the money part, though that is good too – but the owning up to the screw up, trying to make it right, not trying to hide and make excuses. Just, wow. SO RARE. So admirable.

    I know this is sort of old, and I know that I now seem a touch stalkery – but I like to know more about the companies I’m looking into as just as you would want to know more about the person you’re looking to hire – so I sincerely hope you can appreciate this for what it is. Even if you never contact me regarding the position with your company, just know you have a fan out here in the world!

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